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South Bristol Youth

Ed Furniss at Brandal created a powerful logo and brand identity for South Bristol Youth. He did this by working closely with young people, understanding their hopes and aspirations and then capturing them in a great piece of art work that is modern and instantly recognised. Our brand is valued by the schools and community organisations across south Bristol and it has contributed strongly to our growth. Ed is a great individual to work with.

John Lee, deputy chair,
South Bristol Youth


South Bristol Youth is a consortium of six schools and two community organisations who work together to provide projects and development opportunities for the young people of South Bristol.

Then known as South Bristol Consortium for Young People, the charity approached us to produce a brand identity which could cover the twin objectives of attracting young people and funding from business.

We staged three workshops with young people and stakeholders and road tested the new identity – 'South Bristol Youth' – in South Bristol schools. After winning board approval, the charity adopted the new logo on its website and other promotional materials.